It’s all a big mind game. We control everything. What they see, what they hear, what they smell etc. That’s totally unacceptable, it’s uncivil. It may be that this particular person is an immigrant but even that wouldn’t prove that immigrants are more likely to commit crime than British people.In fact if you look at the evidence you can see clearly that in the UK they generally don’t commit more crime, in some cases they commit less crime per head of population. These attitudes lead to for example a disproportionate number of black people being searched, even though they don’t commit the level of crime that such searches warrant.Where are you getting all this from?, the pictures show two women of Eastern European appearance that the police have linked to the reported crimes, you are the one twisting what I have said to fit your own agenda, not once have I suggested any race commits more crime than another Prada Bags Replica, without using the word’s you are calling me racist and that disgusts me you vile little person.

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